Hello! My name is Bernard Freeman, and I am your Darke County County Coordinator.

I would like to give Wally Garchow a big THANK YOU for all of his work on Darke County.

Please Note: This site is being worked around. It will take me some time to get Wally’s work and my work up, so please be patient- Thanks!

If you find anything wrong with any of the pages on this site please don't hesitate to let me know. If you have any new ideas of what you would like to see on this site you can also contact me: Bernard Freeman- questions? Contact me at kkheyhey2014@yahoo.com


About us

The Darke County, OHGenWeb is a proud part of the OHGenWeb and The USGenWeb Projects. You can Learn more on the  About us pages. If Darke County is not the County your looking for look at The OHGenWeb County Selection Page.


Bernard Freeman- Darke County Coordinator

Dale Grimm- State Coordinator

TBD- Assistant Coordinator